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Various applications

Senimars/Lauching ceremony/ Press conferences/ Summits/Virtual Productions/Digital Art Collections


sPad Pro Plus – Artistic design

The sPad Pro Plus modules and panel frames are designed to accommodate either a flat or curved, with solutions for wall-mounting stacking or hanging, the sPad Pro Plus can be placed in any environment to create eye-catching and immersive effects.

indoor rental led
  outdoor rental led

Stunning Visual Performance

sPad Pro Plus offers a high contrast ratio and a wide color gamut,delivering a high-definition viewing experience with unmatched color accuracy.

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The cost of renting an LED panel will vary based on the LED screen size, resolution, rental period, and additional services required such as installation and maintenance. In general, rental fees are usually calculated on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The cost usually includes the rental fee of the LED screen itself and the installation/disassembly fee. Here are LED rental screen prices and application guidelines.


Content management of rental LED panels is typically the responsibility of the supplier or your own team. The vendor may provide tools for content uploading and management, or you may use your own content management system. Some vendors also provide content production and design services to ensure the quality and appeal of the content. Do you understand the difference between stage rental screens and traditional LED displays?


Rental LED panel suppliers often provide delivery and recycling services for LED screens. They will arrange logistics and transportation to ensure the screen is safely delivered to the designated location and picked up at the end of the rental period. Provide free LED stage rental screen solutions.

مساحة وحدة الصورة (mm) 1.9 2.9 3.9 4.8
نموذج PI-1.9-500x500mm(PI-2.9-500x500mm/PO-2.9-500x500/1000mm)(PI-3.9-500x500mm/PO-3.9-500x500/1000mm)(PI-4.8-500x500/1000mm/PO-4.8-500x500/1000mm)
‫LED SMD1515 (SMD2020/SMD1921) SMD1921 (SMD2020/SMD1921)
كثافة (dots/sqm) 277008 118906 65746 43403
قرار الوحدة (dots) 69252 29727 16437 10851
عرض الوحدة (mm) 500 500 500 500
ارتفاع الوحدة (mm) 500 500 500 500
عرض الخزانة (mm) 500 500 500 500
ارتفاع الخزانة (mm) 500 500 500 500
عمق الخزانة 75 75 75 75
دقة (dots) 69252 29727 16437 10851
وزن (kg) 7.5 (7.5/8/13) (8/8/13) (7.5/14/8/13)
مادة aluminium Aluminium Aluminium Aluminium
يحافظ على Front rear Front rear Front rear Front rear
‫IPX IP43 (IP43/IP65) IP65 (IP43/IP65)
أقصى سطوع (cd/sqm) 1000 (1000/4500) (4500/5000) (1000/5000)
درجة حرارة اللون (k) 6500 (6500 /6500) 6500 6500
زاوية 160/160 160/160 160/160 160/160
نسبة التباين 4000:1 4000:1 4000:1 4000:1
قوة قصوى (w) 130 (130/260/520 ) (260/260/520 ) (130/260 /260/520)
متوسط القوة (w) 75 (75/130/260) (130/130/260) (75/130/130/260)
نوع الجهد AC AC AC AC
الجهد االكهربى (v) 110 110-220 110-220 110-220
طريقة القيادة 1/12 1/12 1/12 1/12
شاشة FPS (hz) 60 60 60 60

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