Delivery Box - 3 sides led display

Show your band all over the streets

3 sides led display

8 hours with motocycle battery

Precise trajectory tracking

Online advertising change

Outdoor P3mm led display
Install direct on motocycle
500x500x500 delivery box
384x348mm display area
  led take-out box
3 sides led display   Three screens playing simultaneously
Waterproof and high brightness
Design for outdoor use
Plug and play with a motorcycles battery

Cloud platform 4G upload

GPS position tracking track

GPS positioning

A large number of LED take-out boxes cluster management


3 sides led display
LED takeaway box   LED takeout boxes   Vehicle LED display

The LED takeaway box combines takeaway delivery and brand promotion, and usually has the function of heat preservation and cold preservation. At the same time, it is also equipped with LED lighting decoration on the appearance, which can attract people's attention. Application guide for led takeaway boxes.


LED takeaway boxes are usually powered by rechargeable batteries or a power adapter. Battery power would allow couriers to make deliveries without a power outlet.Most LED takeout boxes have some level of waterproofing to protect the internal equipment from natural elements such as rain. 


Vehicle LED display is a kind of LED display installed on vehicles to display various advertising contents, such as product promotion, promotional information and brand promotion. These ads can attract attention and increase brand exposure on city streets, major roads and event venues. Do you want to learn more about the advantages of in-car displays?

مساحة وحدة الصورة (mm) 2.5 3
نموذج D2.5-500500D3-500500
‫LED SMD1921 SMD1921
كثافة (dots/sqm) 160000 111111
قرار الوحدة (dots) 5898 4096
عرض الوحدة (mm) 192 192
ارتفاع الوحدة (mm) 192 192
عرض الخزانة (mm) 500 500
ارتفاع الخزانة (mm) 500 500
عمق الخزانة 500 500
دقة (dots) 40000 27778
وزن (kg) 17 17
مادة Plastic Plastic
يحافظ على Front Front
‫IPX IP65 IP65
أقصى سطوع (cd/sqm) 4500 4500
درجة حرارة اللون (k) 6500 6500
زاوية 140/140 140/140
نسبة التباين 4000:1 4000:1
قوة قصوى (w) 250 250
متوسط القوة (w) 160 160
نوع الجهد DC DC
الجهد االكهربى (v) 5 5
طريقة القيادة 1/8 1/8
شاشة FPS (hz) 60 60

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